The Team

RaceKraft Esports is a worldwide team composed of some of the best iRacing drivers on the service. Founded by Brian Lockwood and Mehdi el Fathy at the end of 2017 with no high-level experience, few connections, and only a shared passion for simracing, RKE was solely a Skip Barber F2000 team for its first year – earning a championship and 3rd place in the top Skippy league (the 2K World Cup) before moving on to the F3 at the start of 2019 and dominating the season of its release. Since then, we’ve shifted our focus to entering the highest level of iRacing’s esports scene!

The Drivers

There are fourteen drivers that currently race with the team. To see all of our drivers, click here. Also, be sure to check out our Meet The Drivers series, the first of which you can see here!

The Series

Racekraft Esports is currently focused on the 2019-2020 24H Esports Series by Creventic and the 2019-2020 DGFX Clubsport Series. We are also prepared to enter any team World Championship offered by iRacing. We have also recently raced in the Sports Car Open GT Series, the GoPro Geodesic Championship, the World GT Championship, the Skip Barber 2k World Cup and some of the iRacing’s official series such as the Endurance LeMans Series, all with multiple victories and repeated successes.