Welcome to our Meet The Drivers series! We will be posting weekly interviews with our drivers in order to show a bit of the inner workings of the team. Watch out for the Meet The Drivers editions with your favorite drivers!

Luca has been part of the team since its formation in 2017. He’s the man responsible for our awesome paint jobs and so much more behind the scenes. Today, we’ve asked him a few questions to get to know things from his perspective.

Brian: Let’s begin. How did you get started with RaceKraft Esports?

Luca: I was racing in Project CARS and trying to progress my skills which led me to racing in a league where I came across a couple guys who were racing in the league, one of which was Brian Lockwood; a founder of the team. We all seemed to get along, and they seemed to have the same goals as me: grow within simracing and compete in leagues at a high level. So when Brian founded the team along with Mehdi, it seemed like a good fit for me and my goals – which it has been so far!

What do you do within the team?

Well, on the racing side, I’m just learning – using the people around me like Brian, like Marko (who does setups) to improve my driving ability and general all-around knowledge of racing. As far as off the track, I try and give help to people when I can: looking through data for people, painting cars for the team, doing logos, spreadsheets, basically whatever the team needs!

That you do! Moving on, what has been your favorite moment with us so far?

Hmm. Favorite moment for the team has to be the way everybody worked as a team for the 2019 24 Hours of Daytona. It was great to see everybody putting in so much practice! Everybody put in hundreds and hundreds of laps around that track. We worked on that setup and polished it to an insane degree. We were all on pace, and we all worked together and gave information to each other to get each other up to the same level. We achieved that – everybody was quick, could double stint the tires and we worked well together. Sadly the race didn’t go as well as it could have, but the work behind the scenes was great to see and really made me proud to be part of the team.

Personally, [my favorite moment] has to be the Sports Car Open GT race at Phillip Island. It was a great race for both the PRO and the AM team, but especially the AM team which I was a part of. John [Miller] was insanely quick and did a great job of getting us into a good position. We finished P4, which was our best result of the series. It could have been even better, but we had issues with an external fuel program which caused us to lose two spots at the end of the race. We had the pace for a podium which was really nice to see, and we were really able to show everybody the depth of the team’s driver lineup.

Last question – what are your personal goals for next season?

Well there’s this new car called the Audi TCR, and my plans are to focus on that car, drive it for the entire season, and try to win some damn races! I want to do the best I can and really learn how to drive a front wheel drive.