Here you will find step by step guides on how to setup a car on iRacing. We will be going through the most common setup tweaks available for almost every car on the iRacing service.


Before you start

You need to ask yourself if you reached the maximum potential that the baseline setup has to offer. Fiddling with setup changes before you master the car and track can lead to bad habits and inefficient driving that will make you slower. You need to assess that the time you are losing is not due to driver errors or style that is causing the car to react like it does with the baseline setup. If you are consistently matching your best lap time and you are within 0.1s-0.2s of your optimal lap time in a test session using the same weather and track state then you are ready for making setup adjustments to make you faster.

Table of Contents

  1. Tyre Pressures
  2. Ride Height and Aero Balance
  3. Camber, Toe & Caster
  4. Spring Rates and Anti Roll Bars
  5. Dampers
  6. Differential

This setup guide was made using our own expertise in setups as well as using information from the following sources:

  1. Rapid Racer tuning guide
  2. Step by step racecar setup by paradigm shift
  3. iRacing setup guide